The Worlds Silliest Sports

The World’s Silliest Sports

The Mongols played an early version of polo using decapitated human heads, the Aztecs pioneered an archaic form of basketball played only with their elbows, and the Greeks enjoyed watching nude wrestling matches.  Throughout the centuries different cultures have celebrated athleticism in a bewildering variety of somewhat bizarre sports.

While many of these have passed into obscurity over the centuries, or have contributed to the evolution of more mainstream sporting practices, others have somehow managed to not only cling onto life, but also attract an underground following. These are celebrated here in some of the silliest sports events in the world.

Cheese Rolling

Every year the village of Brockworth hosts The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, in what is believed to be an ancient fertility ritual. The precise relationship between cheese and fertility is somewhat obscure, although some have suggested that the Romans introduced the sport into the Cotswolds in an attempt to thin out the population of intellectually challenged individuals in the region.

Little would the Romans have known that the sports would survive for hundreds of years and turn into a major annual festival, drawing hundreds of participants from all around the world. The aim of the race is to capture the speeding cheese downhill, with the first person to the bottom of the hill awarded the cheese (at times posthumously).

Bog Snorkeling

There is, apparently, not much available in the way of entertainment in the valleys of Wales. Proof of this can be found in the annual Bog Snorkeling Championships event, which pits man against bog, and draws corporate sponsorship.

The object of this exercise in futility is to swim two lengths of a 60- yard trench cut into a cold peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells, using nothing more than a snorkel and flippers. Swimmers are not allowed to use their arms to swim and must reply on their flippers to propel them through freezing cold muck and on to greatness.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing is an attempt to unite extreme sports with the age-old dream of a perfectly pressed shirt. The aim of this sport is to iron shirts, whilst engaged in physically taxing activities and/or potentially life threatening situations.

The sport reaches an epiphany in bungee ironing, which requires bungee jumpers to iron a shirt while jumping from bridges. However, some would dispute this claim and instead point to underwater extreme ironing as the purest expression of extreme ironing ideals.

Ferret Legging

The sports introduced to the world by the British include football, tennis, rugby, golf and ferret legging. In the Yorkshire countryside, where cruelty to animals is celebrated in everyday life, ferret legging is an established sport.

The sport involves tying the cuffs of participants¬í trousers to their legs, and then introducing two ferrets into their trousers. The use of underwear is prohibited and the unlawful blunting of a ferret’s teeth is frowned upon.

Contestants are encouraged to wear white trousers, which allow spectators to better gauge the extent of the carnage during ferret legging tournaments.

Rock Paper Scissors

With poker paving the way for activities that require no physical exertion whatsoever in order to be considered a sport, it was only a matter of time before other games which put no physical strain on participants pushed for recognition as sports.

Rock Paper Scissors, is one of the activities that has moved out of the classroom and into the sporting mainstream. Bud Light sponsors the USARPS League, the official Rock Paper Scissors League in the United States. Every year the league concludes with the USARPS Championship offering $50,000 to the winner.

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